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Frances and Tony are award winning filmmakers,  passionate storytellers and Lyme disease advocates.   A  photographer and  a cinematographer, both  on a mission to make a difference in the world through the visual power of film and the media.


They have been raising awareness for Lyme disease for over 5 years now, having started working on their documentary shortly after Frances was diagnosed with the terrible illness.  Together they created a film with the goal of not only raising awareness of a disease that is invisible and largely misunderstood, but also to educate the public of the truth of Lyme that has been hushed by the medical and scientific communities.  

In 2022, right in the heart of Lyme Awareness month in May, they did a series of red carpet theatrical  events promoting their film throughout the USA in Denver, Phoenix, NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, to name a few. 

As a result, THE MONSTER INSIDE ME has become a film that is validating those confused and hurt by the disease, as well as offering them hope, understanding and a voice to continue their fight.    

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